Apply B-2 TONE oil for about 10 min. At circular round till whole of the oil is absorbed before retiring to bed (5 ml to each breast ). For better result don't wash the breast at least for 5 hrs. After application. B-2 TONE  oil is for external use only b-2 tone oil is safe to be used by breast feeding women, wsh breast with clean cold water before feeding.

B-2 TONE OIL a comprehensive natural herbal approach for breast muscles to restore beautiful growth and complexion.  B-2 TONE OIL completely safe, without any side effects for regular use.  B-2 TONE OIL protects from flabbiness, strengthens flaccidness, normalizes post delivery breast. Regular application keeps breast musles well-shaped, healthy, tough and gives perfects look by shaping surrounding tissues. Continious massage of  B-2 TONE OIL strengthens and develops breast, at the same time the gentle massage detoxity the cells, tissues and nourishes them for a rapid growth. The process of massage also should be slow and gentle to the entire part in circular upward motion till the oil is absorbed.  B-2 TONE OIL can be massaged by lactating women and who has under growth, flaccid breast atleast twice a day. The complete absorption period varies from ten to twenty minutes. Mothers can feed their kids two hours after –massage, washing the nipples in cold water. For best resuts, do not wash out for at least five hours after application.

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