Akhrot/Walnuts contain a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Since ancient times Akhrot/walnuts have been used for health benefits. 
Akhrot/Walnuts have many properties that are beneficial for skin, hair and heart.

- Walnut oil, removes facial wrinkles.

- Terrible fungal infection occurs on the skin than Akhrot/Walnut oil is beneficial.

- By applying it, the disease of psoriasis is cured.

- AKhrot/Walnut oil contains a high amount of anti-oxidants which provides the body with the ability to fight many diseases.

- Applying it will stop hair fall.

- Its consumption does not cause heart disease.

Increases the action of blood cells and boosts the body.

Reduces belly.

Note : Dosage as directed by the physician


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