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Dindayal Ayurved Bhawan Manufacturing more than 850 ayurvedic and Unani medicine in five catagories Animal medicine,. In thease some of products like Gomuter Arq, Rumadin Oil, MAHA NARAYAN TAIL, Sirka E Seb, Kamini vidrawan, Pet suddha, Avipatikar Churna, ARQ PUNRANVA, SPERM POWER POWDER, ASHWAGANDHA PAK, Supari pak etc. Manufacturing in Arq,Sirka,Vati,Bhasama,Ras Rasayan,Syrup,Capsule,Tablet,Kawath,Gugglu,Prparti,Loh Mandoor,Sodit Medicine Shilajeet,Kuchila,Gandhak,Herbl Powder,Ayurvedic Powder,Herbl Oil,tila etc.

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      • CHACHAN SARIVADHASAVA BY DINDAYAL AYURVED BHAWAN Chachan Sarivadyasava is one such preparation which is used in the treatment of various skin disorders and urinary diseases. It is effective in urticaria, eczema, and other various skin diseases.It is beneficial to reduce the symptoms of urinary tract infections because of urinary antiseptic…